Youth news

AS part of the age grade calendar for the older group (male 17-18) Devon RFU have set dates aside for some trial games to take place in October/December for under-17s.

This will give clubs that run youth sides the chance to play some under-16s up to start the transition process from junior rugby into the older age grades of colts, and, hopefully, onto senior rugby.

The four community rugby coaches (CRC) will be in contact with clubs about the details of each event.

The dates are the weekends of October 20 and 27 and December 1, 2017.

The CRC may need to change dates due to local circumstances which they will advise clubs in advance.

If clubs are interested please contact your local CRC.

As you know ALL players playing up an age grade are required to be assessed and signed off by clubs in advance (the county safeguarding manager, Elaine Palmer, also needs to sign off).

Some clubs will already be on the ball and have started this for some under-16s to play up into colts and under-18s to play up into adult rugby.

To assist with the mass signing and playing up of one age grade (under-16 to 17s ONLY) a shorter form is available. If you have already got or are in the process of completing the long version, please continue.

Please remember that the weekend of the October 21 is also the under-18 CB development day (information will be sent out) so the stronger players are likely to be at this event. 

The remaining under-18 players should be assessed for playing up into adult rugby if they are ready and the long version paperwork signed off and sent in.

Clubs are requested to assist the young players at an important point in the development of the rugby pathway into senior rugby by supporting these events.

The colts' calendar can be viewed or downloaded at RFU Playing Schedule 17-18 Male age groups 2107.18 version 1