Rugby clubs have recently been made aware of a specific relief available to not-for-profit sports clubs that has not been widely used to date.

We are aware that 40 clubs have successfully had retrospective claims settled for between £5k and £28k totalling £600k and would encourage all clubs who might be eligible to take opportunity of this windfall to review their position. 

If your club can say ‘yes’ to the following four questions, then it is likely that a windfall is available for you:- 

1 Is your club constituted as a not for profit entity?

2 Is your club registered for VAT purposes?

3 Do you have a bar facility?

4 Does your club hold events to raise funds for your club?

 You are able to review your club's specific position at no cost by contacting the RFU retained club's VAT advisor Russell Moore on 07710 329317 or by email at He can discuss the opportunity further with you. Following this should you wish to pursue a claim Russell can offer to make all the necessary calculations and draft, submit and negotiate the claim, through HMRC, on behalf of the club on a 'no-win-no-fee' basis

In Devon, Withycombe RFC recently used the service and are able to recover over £13k.