Under-14 & Under-15 Devon Cup rules

DEVON JUNIOR CUPS - (Under-15 & Under- 14) RULES

1 The competitions will be known ‘as described’.

2 All players must be under the age of 15 / 14 on September 1 of the current season.

3 All clubs must register their players with the competition organiser BEFORE they are named and/or participate (player or replacement) in any Cup / Plate game. Players may be added to the register up to March 1 in any given season. A player may play or be selected as a replacement for only ONE club in the competition each season

4 All teams must hand their completed registration cards and result sheets, duly signed by a club official, to the referee for inspection before the kick-off. These will be returned after the game and it is the WINNING team’s responsibility to return BOTH result sheets to the competition organiser within 72 hours of the match. The competition organiser will check the names listed on the sheets against his central register. If anyone listed as a player or as a replacement does not have a registration card OR is not listed on the competition organiser’s central register, that team will be disqualified from the competition.

5 All protests and complaints, including those relating to an opponent’s identity or eligibility, must be sent to reach the competition Organiser within SEVEN DAYS of the game being played. Such protests/complaints will only be accepted in writing from the Chair or Secretary of the aggrieved club. Where appropriate a personal hearing may be requested. There shall be the right of appeal to the Devon RFU senior competitions committee in respect of decisions by the competitions organiser or committee.

6 Clubs eligible for participation are those affiliated to the Devon RFU. All clubs must have paid their annual subscriptions to the DRFU by OCTOBER 1 – otherwise they will be withdrawn from the competitions.

7 The competitions will be run as a straight Knock-Out Competition. The draw for the Preliminary / 1st rounds will be done at the AGM. The 4 semi-finalists of the Cup and the two finalists of the plate from the previous season will be exempt from the Preliminary round.

The dates for each round of the main competition are as published

The FINALS will be arranged during April.

The PLATE competitions will start in January 2013 – for all preliminary and first round losers. Draw and Dates will be published after the completion of the 1st Round of the main competitions.

8 Each game to be: - U15 - 30 mins each way U14 - 25 mins each way.

In the event of a draw – NO EXTRA TIME - match to be decided: - (A) - Most tries - IF STILL EQUAL (B) – Most goals IF STILL EQUAL (C) - Away side

FINAL ONLY - (a) and (b) as above – IF STILL EQUAL – REPLAY

9 The HOME club must ensure that the pitch has a barrier (fixed, rope or line) and will be responsible for ensuring that ALL non-participants remain behind it at all times. Referees will be instructed not to start / continue any game without this being strictly adhered to. The First-Aider must be clearly identified to the Referee and the away team management.

10 REFEREES - Referees for all games shall not have any affiliation to either club team playing - either as an AGE-GROUP member or as the parent, guardian or other relationship with any of the players taking part in the game.


PRELIM & 1st ROUND It will be the responsibility of the HOME side to provide a COMPETENT QUALIFIED referee - who should be a member of the DEVON / PLYMOUTH Society if at all possible.

ALL OTHER ROUNDS–refer to the Devon Referee Society–(DEAN DAVIES – 07837 220024)

11 All teams to play cup matches in shirts with numbers.

12 When a 50 point margin has been achieved the result will stand. The game may continue as a friendly or be halted.

13 Each club to provide a competent touch judge who will not be a replacement.

14 In the event of the game being postponed for whatever reason – it will normally be played on the following weekend unless a different date is arranged by both clubs and AGREED by the Cup Organizer.

15 All cup games to be played under the current playing regulations (found in the current RFU law book) applicable to their respective age group.

However – if a team is unable to replace an INJURED front row player for any reason, the game will revert to ‘uncontested scrums’ with the result standing

BUT – if a team is unable to replace a front row player who has been SENT-OFF and they do not have a trained player to continue ‘contested scrums’ – they will then forfeit the game.

16 All clubs to pay an entry fee of £10 + VAT per age group