Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is a technique for identifying and controlling hazards associated with an organisation’s activities. All rugby clubs should undertake risk assessments.

Undertaking risk assessments demonstrates commitment to volunteers and the duty of care owed to them. They are also an excellent way to identify and overcome health and safety problems.

Risk assessment involves identifying all hazards, assessing the risk and putting in place measures to control unacceptable risks, e.g. replacing a faulty socket.

Assessing risk requires knowledge of the work activities. This can be found in the people who do the work. The assessment should therefore involve employees and volunteers.

hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm, e.g. the faulty electrical socket.

Risk is the likelihood of it causing harm and the degree of harm it could cause, e.g. an electrical shock that could lead to a fatality.

Risk assessment resources

The government’s Health and Safety Executive has a useful risk assessments webpageand the following downloadable template Risk Assessment Template (PDF 52kB) is also helpful.

Also, to help clubs with risk assessment decisions, there is a Risk Probability Matrix (PDF 13kB).

Risk assessment videos

The following short videos will aim to bring to life the potential common hazards rugby clubs face and offer some potential solutions for rugby clubs to consider. The videos are broken down into areas to make them easier to digest when breaking down the risk assessment process.


Risk assessment templates

The following risk assessment templates will aim to guide rugby clubs in regard to common hazards and offer some potential solutions for clubs to consider. The templates are separated into areas to make them easier to digest when breaking down the risk assessment process.


Bar, cellar and social areas (MS Word 50kB) Kitchen (MS Word 49kB) 
Changing rooms and plant room (MS Word 53kB) External areas (MS Word 48 kB) 
General internal area safety (MS Word 48kB)  

Fire assessment

All public and community buildings are obliged under various Regulations and Acts to reduce the risk of fire. You should carry-out a Fire Risk Assessment and seek advice from your local fire brigade.

Please see the Fire Safety Risk Assessment Template (MS Word 47kB).

Further health and safety support is available from the RFU Legal Helpline. Call 0844 561 8177 quoting scheme reference number 81066 or visit the Health and Safety Executive website for further support and information.