Notes To Clubs

  1. International Tickets. Clubs receive a fixed allocation based on information posted on RugbyFirst. Clubs are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of this data which is subject to verification by Devon RFU Ltd.
  2. Facilities & Funding. Clubs seeking finance to improve clubhouses, grounds etc., should contact Devon RFU Ltd. for advice in the first instance. Access to RFU funding is accessed and allocated as part of the County’s strategic plan. Advice on alternative sources of funding is also available.
  3. Club Accounts. Club Treasurers are reminded that, in order to comply with Rules of The RFU, a properly audited Club balance sheet with statement of accounts showing income and expenditure for the previous season should be sent to the County Hon. Treasurer before September 30th each year.
  4. Devon R.F.U. Ltd., Affiliation Fee. Clubs and Schools are reminded that this falls due on September 1st and should be paid by September 30th. Fees are as follows;
    • Clubs running one senior team - £32.76 (inc VAT)
    • Clubs running two senior teams- £38.28 (inc VAT)
    • Clubs running three or more senior teams - £45.60(inc VAT)
    • Invoices will be raised by the DRFU Treasurer.
  5. Insurance. The RFU provides Death and disability cover to member clubs on the basis of information posted on RugbyFirst. Clubs must maintain accurate details of the number of teams they have
  6. Use of Facilities. Clubs should not permit their facilities to be used for rugby activity by other organisations unless they have seen proof that the appropriate RFU Insurance is in place.
  7. Discipline. Club Secretaries are reminded that, if a player is sent off or a game is abandoned, details must be reported immediately to the Discipline Secretary. Subsequent statements and reports should be gathered promptly and returned with a remittance of £40.00 to cover administrative costs. It must be made clear to the players concerned by the Club Secretary, that they have the right to appear before the Discipline Sub-Committee with supporting witnesses and at their own expense if they so choose. Clubs are also reminded that it is a requirement to have their own Discipline Sub-Committees to take action as and when necessary.
  8. Club Tours. Clubs or Schools planning overseas tours must apply for permission to the County Hon. Secretary at least three months in advance of the proposed date of departure. Permission must likewise be sought to receive an incoming tour from abroad. Application forms available from the County Hon. Secretary.
  9. Handbooks. Payment for these must be made promptly upon receipt of an invoice. Any corrections amendments or additions to information published in the Devon R.F.U. Handbook together with any items for inclusion in the Devon
    • R.F.U. Newsletters should be sent direct to the County Hon. Secretary.
  10. Non-affiliated Clubs. The County Committee reminds all Clubs that they must not play teams that are not affiliated to the Devon Rugby Football Union or other Constituent Bodies. The Devon Rugby Referees Society will not be able to provide match officials for such games. As a guideline, any Devon based Club which does not have an entry in the fixtures section of the Handbook can be regarded as not being affiliated to the County. If in doubt, please contact the County Hon. Secretary.