Notes For Guidance On Disciplinary Matters


Notes for guidance on Disciplinary Matters

Discipline matters will be dealt with in compliance with RFU Regulation 19. Clubs are reminded that they must have their own Discipline Sub-Committee to deal with all disciplinary matters

Club Secretaries must report to the CB Discipline Secretary within 48 hours after the match all relevant details relating to any on or off field disciplinary matters and/or alleged breaches of any Regulations arising out of or in relation to the match.

Paperwork relating to any hearing must be returned promptly and accompanied by the discipline fee of £40.00, please note where a player wishes to contest the referee’s report, he may be called upon to pay their expenses to attend any hearing. In the case of a citing, different procedures apply and clubs must send payment of £125.00 with their citing notice.

Clubs must ensure that any suspension is observed, as failure to do so will result in severe sanctions. Please ensure you obtain details of a Player’s discipline record when he/she joins your club

Bad disciplinary record

Where players or members of a club appear before a disciplinary panel on five or more separate occasions in any one season, that club may be charged by the RFU Head of Discipline or CB Disciplinary Secretary and summoned to attend before a disciplinary panel on the basis that it has a bad disciplinary record. When dealing with a club under this provision, the disciplinary panel has the power to impose Sanctions as set out within the RFU Regulations.

CB Discipline Secretary: Treve Mitchell

5 Speakers Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0JP

Tel: 01752 894676 Email:

Chairman of Devon RFU Discipline Committee: Roger Gash

Accredited Discipline Panel Members:  Roger Gash, David Lidbury, Stuart Quarterman, Derek Webster, Glenn Channing, John Vale