RFU issue information ahead of 'Half Game Rule' introduction at junior level

20 Aug 2018 12:14 | Devon RFU

THE ‘Half Game Rule' is being introduced by the RFU at junior level.

The rule will ensure that all players within a match-day squad will get to play at least half the game-time available.

Clubs can do this using rolling substitutions and/or at set periods within the game.

By introducing this rule the RFU aim to increase player enjoyment, aid player development and ultimately retain age grade players in rugby.

The rule will be voluntarily introduced nationally for the 2018/19 season ahead of becoming mandatory for the 2019/20 season.

However, Devon RFU, like many of counties, are asking all clubs to follow the ruling this season.

It will be up to the coaches to make it work and communicate with the referee on how each team will be implementing the players into the game.

If players are not getting a fair share of the game it is down to the club to implement the rule. Parents will be asking questions so the coaches will need to make sure the player and parent knows what is going to happen with regard to playing time. If the parents are not happy they will need to speak with the junior chairman in the first instants.

Devon RFU will review the situation at Christmas and the end of the season. Any team deemed to be breaking the rule will be asked to show reasons for not playing a player/players.

The RFU have issued an information leaflet for clubs, coaches, referees and parents on the rule. It can be viewed HERE.

RFU posters and resources to promote your club's commitment to the rule are available HERE.