Kids First coach development evenings to be held in Devon

09 Aug 2018 11:18 | Sara Raine

To support the development of coaches and to enhance junior players’ rugby experience, the RFU will be running 3x Kids’ First Coach Development evenings across Devon.

These evenings will run the U8, U10, U12, U13 and U14 CPDs at Topsham, Ivybridge and Bideford.

Clubs are urged to encourage coaches to attend and car share and select the most relevant CPD for them (ie U7 coaches can do the U8 CPD, U9s the U10 CPD and U11s the U12 CPD). 

Each CPD costs £15 and can be booked via the links below. They will run for approximately two-and-a-half hours. 

The age grade workshops will help coaches to understand the Kids’ First philosophy and how to develop players’ movement skills, coach through adaptive games, game management and refereeing.

It will also explore changes in rules for the specific age groups and the core skills needed to play at that age grade. 

This will be the only chance for specific development for age grade rugby coaches this season. 

Not only is this a great opportunity for self-development, but it will also allow opportunities to share experiences with other coaches and build relationships to further improve the quality of experience for our junior players.

Book on via the links below:

Topsham RFC – Wednesday 12th September @7pm;

CPD Kids First U8 Tag Topsham RFC              

CPD Kids First U10 Topsham RFC              

CPD Kids First U12 Topsham RFC              

CPD Kids First U13 Topsham RFC              

CPD Coaching U14 Topsham RFC              


Ivybridge RFC - Monday 17th September@7pm;

CPD Kids First U8 Tag Ivybridge RFC              

CPD Kids First U10 Ivybridge RFC              

CPD Kids First U12 Ivybridge RFC              

CPD Kids First U13 Ivybridge RFC              

CPD Coaching U14 Rugby Ivybridge RFC              


Bideford RFC - Monday 24th September @7pm;

CPD Kids First U8 Tag Bideford RFC              

CPD Kids First U10 Bideford RFC              

CPD Kids First U12 Bideford RFC              

CPD Kids First U13 Bideford RFC              

CPD Coaching U14 Bideford RFC