Maureen Jackson thanked for all her hard work as Devon RFU president

08 Jul 2017 13:13 | Sara Raine

MAUREEN JACKSON was honoured at Friday night’s AGM after stepping down as president of Devon RFU.

Maureen was replaced as the county’s president by Treve Mitchell, who presented with her with a gift of appreciation and paid tribute to her for all her hard work.

As well as being president, Maureen is also the county’s match secretary, has done the difficult task of compiling the county’s PFR (planning, funding and reporting) document for the RFU, has helped organise the leadership academy and volunteer recognition programme, sat on the discipline committee, represented the county at South West Counties’ meetings, as well as doing many other tasks.

She was the first female to become a president of any CB in the country.

New president Treve Mitchell described Maureen ‘as an incredible lady’ and said the county were truly grateful for what she had done over the last few years.

Maureen had only intended to be president for one year, but unfortunately the sad deaths of Gary Aldridge and David Butt and some major restructuring of the county meant she continued for longer.

Handing the job over to Treve, she told everyone gathered at the AGM at Topsham:  “Becoming president of Devon RFU was never anything that I aspired to or particularly wanted which is why I only ever intended to accept the presidency for one year.

“However, sad and unpredictable circumstances changed all that and it became more important in the short-term to have consistency and stability on the committee.

“The greatest pleasure for me has been visiting many clubs and meeting the wonderful and dedicated volunteers we have in this county. “

She also added:  “I would just like to thank everyone for their support over the last three-and-a-half years, both on the Devon committee, and to the clubs throughout Devon.

“Treve and I have had almost daily conversations over the last 18 months and we have to the best of our ability supported all the clubs in the county.

“I feel confident that Treve will continue to move the county forward.”