Update on the new community game structure

07 Oct 2020 19:02 | Devon RFU

With the publication of yesterday’s RFU Community Game update we now know that Rob Masters, Jason Luff, Gary Kingdom and Dom Caton have left the Rugby Football Union. Mike Lewis had already left a while back.

The rugby community of Devon will be greatly concerned at the loss of such committed individuals and their expertise.

We have come to see them as friends and supporters of our efforts to progress the game in our county. There are others who had an area responsibility who also supported our volunteer effort.

At this very challenging time we wish them all well for their futures and they know they will be welcome whenever they have a chance to visit our clubs.

Others have secured roles in the revised community game structure set out HERE and we look forward to working with Wayne Reed, Don Parsons, Jon Bendle, Katie Oldrieve and Alan Hubbleday (moving area) either locally or nationally as appropriate.  For clarity Devon is included in Area A on the structure.

Inevitably, decreased resources both human and financial are going to present us with a huge challenge in which the role of the local volunteer will be even more vital.

Devon RFU is ready to provide advice and support where possible and the increased use of technology, to which we have become accustomed during the pandemic, will enable a more frequent and dynamic dialogue to shape initiatives and cement support for all clubs in our rugby family. Take care and stay well.

Geoff Simpson, Chair, Devon RFU