Clubs warned about the risk of Legionnaires' disease after lockdown

25 Jun 2020 22:37 | Devon RFU

WITH many club premises closed during the lockdown there is a risk of Legionella bacteria forming in static water systems.

Devon RFU have been advised by the RFU area facilities manager to carry out a risk assessment, who has suggested using South West Legionella Risk Assessement Company.

All clubs have been sent a leaflet with details of the company. Devon RFU have agreed to make a contribution towards the cost of a survey for each club.

Legionnaires’ disease, which is fatal in 10 per cent of cases, can be contracted by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in the air which contain Legionella bacteria. 

Symptoms include fever, a dry cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia, very like those of Covid-19. The groups of people who have a higher risk to Legionnaires’ disease are similar to individuals most at risks of serious complications from coronavirus such as those with underlying health conditions.

Regular flushing of your water system is advised throughout any shut down period. Prior to the reopening, all aspects of your water management system need to be reviewed and will be dependent on the complexities of the system.