OPM to become the latest club to offer walking rugby

10 Feb 2020 13:45 | Devon RFU

Old Plymothian & Mannamedian RFC (OPM) are the latest club to get involved with walking rugby.

The Elburton-based club recently visited Plymouth Albion’s walking rugby session on a Friday evening and realised there was a need for more clubs in the west Devon area offering it to make it sustainable and have more people to play against.

OPMs will be having a grand launch on March 17, where Devon officials have been invited. They are also hoping some other clubs might also set up walking rugby groups so that there can be more teams to play against.

Topsham have led the way in Devon, while Dartmouth and Albion have also been offering.

OPMs already successfully offer touch rugby at their club and they hope the walking rugby might take off in the same way.