Clubs reminded about age grade regulations when reporting scores

10 Sep 2019 17:27 | Devon RFU

Devon RFU want to remind clubs about Regulation 15.11.3.

The regulation states that matches must be brought to an end if:

(a) at Under-7s to Under-12s the try difference rises to more than six; or

(b) at Under-13s to Under-18s the points difference is more than 50 points, unless both teams are in agreement to continue.  

As it says in the regulation teams are permitted to continue the match or where possible take it as an opportunity to mix up the teams to encourage participation. But in either scenario the result of the match should be reported as being the score at the time the game had a try difference of more than six or a points difference of 50.  

Devon RFU does not want to see clubs promoting the fact that their under-15 team 'thrashed their rivals 82-0' or their under-13s 'hammered their neighbours 103-7' as we would see this as a breach of Regulation 15 as well as being an inappropriate use of social media that does not support the five core values of rugby.

Devon RFU appreciate often it is volunteers posting results and writing reports who may not know about Regulation 15 or the Core Values, but it is disrespectful to the opposition and we do not want to see it within our county.

Can clubs please make sure that all those concerned with age group rugby are aware of the regulations now that the new season has started?