Devon Schools minutes

DEVON COUNTY SCHOOLS’ UNION – Annual General Meeting held 19/6/2017 at Sandy Park, Exeter.

Those present were recorded on the attendance list and included Mac Bayliss (Chair/Treasurer), Barry Waterfield (Hon. Sec.), Roger Hutchinson, Lisa O'Shaughnessy, John Roberts, Nick Burt, Gary Kingdom (CRC South Devon), Ruari Cushion (Exeter Chiefs Academy), Marc Dibble (Exeter Chiefs Academy), Geoff Simpson (RFU/ERFSU).

A review of the previous year’s activities and expenditure was presented by Mac Bayliss. He indicated that he and Barry Waterfield were standing down from office. A vote of thanks was recorded to both of them for their years of service.

A full and frank discussion followed as to the way forward for the Devon CSU, its role and relationship with the Exeter Chiefs Academy and other player development programmes and the need to reinvigorate the relationship with member schools. In terms of representative sides, there appeared to be a wealth of potential coaches in the county’s teachers but time was a major factor in securing their participation. Any administrative support that the CB and RFU field force could provide would help in this regard.

Officers for 2017/18 were then elected as follows:

President: Roger Smerdon

Chair: Roger Hutchinson

Vice Chair: John Roberts

Hon. Secretary: Lisa O’Shaughnessy

Treasurer: Andrew Morton

Rep on ERFSU committee: Roger Hutchinson/Geoff Simpson