The RFU Regulations, definitions (Regulation 1) and English Clubs’ Championship (ECC) Regulations (Regulation 13) will apply to all leagues involving Devon Clubs.

The following exceptions, amendments and clarifications will only apply to clubs playing in Devon League 1 (Level 9) of the RFU English Clubs Championship.

1. Unregistered / Guest / Loan Players

i. All players must be registered with their club in accordance with the “Player Registration Regulations”, with the exception that up to 2 unregistered players or guest players maybe allowed to play in their match day squad providing that:

ii. The unregistered / guest player does not hold (and has not previously held in the same season) an effective registration with any club whose 1st XV play at Level 8 or above.

iii. The unregistered / guest player is clearly marked on the Electronic Match Card (EMC).

iv. Any unregistered / guest player may only make 4 appearances in one season without being registered.

v. No unregistered / guest players will be allowed to play after the transfer deadline of 25th February 2022.

2. Minimum Number of Players.

i. A team may start a match with a minimum of 12 players. The opposition are encouraged to even the numbers up, should they have a full side, however they have no obligation to do so, teams may not start a match with more than a one player advantage on the pitch.

ii. This de-regulation does not apply in the event of any player receiving a red or yellow card.

3. Replacements / Substitutes

i. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 5 replacements. In the event of one team having less or not having any replacements the opposition should be encouraged to loan players to even up the number of players at the start of the game, however they have no obligation to do so.

ii. Teams may make a maximum of 10 interchanges with players joining the field of play from the halfway line.

4. Front Row Requirements

i. Clubs are required to start each match with a suitably trained and competent front row, unless otherwise advised by the referee in advance of the match starting. It is the responsibility of the clubs and not the match referee for ensuring that all front row players are suitably trained and competent.

ii. If a team is unable to start a match with a suitably trained and competent front row, it will forfeit the match but will not be deducted any championship league points if the match is played as a friendly. However irrespective of the points scored in the match the match will be recorded as 0 – 0.

iii. The non-offending team will be awarded 5 championship league points.

iv. If the game is played as a friendly, the home team must not approve the EMC after game. The EMC should not be completed.

v. In the event of a match moving to uncontested scrums after the start of the match the result will stand at the final whistle.

vi. In the event a team has used all its 10 player interchanges and then suffers a front row injury, even though they may have a front replacement still available they will not able to use him, if this causes the match to go to uncontested scrums the offending team will have to continue the match with one player less than the non-offending team.

5. Electronic Match Cards

i. Electronic Match Cards (EMC) must be used in all matches to record the names of every player (including guest players where de-regulation allows), the match result, the number of tries scored by each team and front row replacements.

ii. If the match is played as a friendly game then the EMC does not have to be completed.

6. Postponement / Cancellation

i. If a Devon League 1 match is cancelled for any reason other than weather, the non-offending team will be awarded 5 championship league points. The League Secretary will use his / her discretion whether to deduct points from the offending team.

ii. Clubs must inform the SW Admin Office and the League Secretary before 3.30pm on the day of the match if the match is cancelled irrespective of the reason for the cancelation.

7. League Status

i. The Devon RFU Competitions Committee reserves the right to decline re-admission into the ECC League and may recommend to the Southwest Divisional Organising Committee that any club / team that fails to fulfil 25% of their scheduled fixtures in consecutive seasons should be expelled from the RFU English Clubs Championship competition.

ii. Any club or team that voluntarily withdraws from Devon League 1 may re-apply to the Southwest Divisional Organising Committee for consideration for re-admission for the following season. This submission must be supported by the club or team’s constituent governing body.

8. Covid 19 status

i. The above regulations will be subject to any Government or RFU safety guidelines or restrictions at anytime during the playing season.