Devon Cup Rules

A knock-out competition shall be run throughout each season at two levels, Senior and Junior.


The Devon RFU Competitions sub-committee will administer the competitions. One of the members of this sub-committee shall act as Competitions Chairman and one member shall act as Competitions Secretary. The sub-committee shall have full powers of adjudicating on all matters relating to the competitions. Any appeal against their decisions must be lodged with the Hon. Secretary of the Devon Rugby Football Union within 7 days of the decision in question. All appeals must be accompanied by an administration fee of £100 payable to Devon RFU Ltd which shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld.



The draw shall be made no later than the AGM of the Devon RFU. In the Junior Cup, a Plate and Vase competition will be arranged for first and second round losers. The draw will be published on the Devon RFU website and in the handbook.


Venue and Match Dates.

The dates for the completion of each round will be set at the start of the season and a date for the Finals will be specified.

The draw will specify the venue at which each match is to be played.

A match shall only be played after the set date if weather conditions or some other exceptional circumstance (approved by the Devon RFU Competitions sub-committee) have prevented a tie being played. Within 48 hours of any such postponement, the match shall be re-arranged on a date agreed between the two clubs or, in the absence of such an agreement, as directed by the sub-committee.

Unless both clubs agree to an earlier or later kick-off, a match shall start at 3pm in August, September, October, March, April and May and at 2.30 pm in November, December, January and February.

Abandoned matches

If a match is abandoned for safety reasons or weather conditions, it shall be re- arranged within 48 hours in accordance with 5(iii) above unless more than 60 minutes have been played, in which case the score at the moment of abandonment shall stand and be deemed to be the final score. If a match is abandoned for foul play at any time, the tie will be void and neither club shall progress into the next round unless in his report the referee indicates that the conduct of only one club caused him to abandon the match. In this case the other club shall advance into the next round. The referee’s decision for the necessity of abandonment and the number of minutes played shall be final.

If a match is abandoned for any reason other than in 6(i) above, then, irrespective of the number of minutes played, the result of that match may be determined by the Competitions sub-committee or it may order the match to be replayed.

If on the first or second occasion a front row player requires to be replaced and his team cannot provide a replacement or other player capable of playing in the front row of the scrum, the referee, having confirmed this fact with the Captain of the team, will order uncontested scrums and the team shall be deemed to have lost the game.

If on the third or subsequent occasion a front row player requires to be replaced and his team cannot provide a replacement or other player capable of playing in the front row, the referee having made enquiry, the match shall be deemed to be abandoned and the provisions of 6(i) above shall apply.


The winning club in the finals shall become the holders of the Devon Senior Cup and Junior Cup, Plate or Vase and the losing club shall receive a runners-up trophy. All players in the Cup finals, including replacements, will be presented with suitable mementos, as will the referee and touch judges. Clubs which are finalists in the Junior Plate & Vase will receive a trophy. All trophies shall be returned, suitably engraved, to the Devon RFU Competitions Secretary by 1st April in the following year.


All eligible clubs in the previous season’s competition will be drawn in the ties unless they notify the Competitions Secretary in writing by not later than 1st. June that they do not intend to play in the competition in the following season. Eligible clubs wishing to join the competition must apply in writing to the Competitions Secretary by 1st.June. Clubs wishing to enter must send a payment of £50 as a competitions bond to Geoff Simpson, 108 Pattinson Drive, Plymouth, PL6 8RU by June 10th. at the latest (cheques payable to Devon RFU Ltd.) and will be deemed to have accepted the Cup Rules and competition dates.


Any Club that fails to play a tie in any round of this competition shall within 48 hours send a written explanation for that withdrawal to the Competitions administrator. A Club which does not comply with this requirement or which provides an explanation which the Sub-Committee considers to be unsatisfactory, shall be liable to forfeit their £50 Bond and/or to disqualification from the competition in the following season. Devon RFU will exercise its right to block entry to any national cup competitions in the following season for a club failing to fulfil its fixtures in the county cup competitions.


Eligibility of Players.

No player may represent a club in the competition unless he holds active league registration with that club on the day of the match.

A player who has played for a club in any round of the competition may not play for another club in the competition in the same season.

A club may not in any one match in the competition be represented by, and may not select as a replacement, more than two Foreign or Loan Players in total.

Any club with any doubt concerning the eligibility of a player shall apply to the Competitions sub-committee for a decision which shall be binding on that club.

A maximum of four replacements up to and including the quarter final and seven in the semi-final and final shall be nominated which must enable Clubs to comply with 6(iii) and 6(iv) above.



The Final shall be played on a date and at a venue to be decided by the Devon RFU. Clubs hosting Finals should confirm the arrangements for the day with the Competition Administrator



The Devon Rugby Referees Society shall appoint a referee for matches in the competition throughout the season and shall appoint touch judges for all semi-final matches and the final. Referees may be invited from outside the County on the official exchange system. Please note that Touch Judges shall not be appointed for the quarter finals.


Drawn Games.

In all rounds, except the final, if after 40 minutes of play each way the scores are level, there shall be a five minute break. After this break, the teams will change ends and there shall be a period of extra time of 10 minutes each way with a one minute interval. If the scores are then still equal, the team that has scored the most tries will go forward to the next round. If this does not produce a result, the team that has scored the most goals from tries will go forward. If a result is still not forthcoming, the away team shall go forward to the next round.

In the final the same sequence of procedures as in 13(i) above will be used to resolve drawn matches except that, should no result be achieved after considering goals from tries, the result will be a draw.

In the Devon Senior Cup the finalist will be the team with the highest aggregate score over the two legs of the semi-final. Should the aggregate scores be equal the provisions of Rule 13 (i) above shall apply at the end of the second leg



If the colours of the jerseys should be considered too alike, the away team must arrange to change its own colours.



The secretary of the home club involved in a competition match shall be provided with a card on which he shall ensure that the names of the players and nominated replacements in both teams are recorded and the result of the match is noted. The card should be signed by the referee and sent to the Competitions administrator not later than 48 hours after the match.



Except in the semi-finals and finals, Clubs shall share equally the gross gate receipts at each cup tie, after the deduction of charges for referee and programme costs

The gate receipts of the Final including income from the sale of programmes shall be divided equally between Devon RFU Ltd. and the two participating clubs after deduction of charges for the referee and touch judges and the costs of producing a programme. Not fewer than ten days before a Final, the Secretary of the home club shall be responsible for submitting draft arrangements for the match to the Competitions Secretary for approval by the sub committee and within fourteen days of the match being played for submitting to the Hon Treasurer of the DRFU a balance sheet showing all receipts, permitted expenditure and distribution of income.

Clubs should ensure that a realistic charge is made for spectators attending matches particularly in the latter stages of the competition. Matches should be considered as ALL PAY.



All objections regarding alleged breaches of the regulations must reach the Competitions administrator not later than seven days after the end of the match in question and must be in writing accompanied by an administration fee of £30 payable to the Devon Rugby Football Union Ltd. This fee will be returned if the objection is upheld.



All matches shall be played under the Laws of the Game as published by the RFU and regulations contained therein or otherwise in force in respect of replacements and substitutions shall apply.



These rules will be reviewed by the sub-committee at the termination of each competition.