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The Showfield, Oaklands, Okehampton, EX20 1LN.

Tel: 01837 52508
Mobile: 07513006180


Amber and Maroon

Founded in 1884

Colts Team Manager

Wayne Middleton


Peter Gross
Upcott Valley


Robert Barkwell

Honorary Secretary

James Stevens
5 Oaks Cottage, Folly Gate, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3AA

Honorary Treasurer

Robert Curtis

Director of Rugby

Ross Medlyn

Referee Liaison

Ross Medlyn

Child Protection Officer

Paul Taylor

Junior Chairman

Ian Langbridge

Match Secretary

Ross Medlyn

Fixture Secretary

Colin Ewen

Colts Manager

Barrie Pillivant

Fixture Secretary

Becky McCaffery (Juniors fixtures)

Junior Rep

Ian Langbridge

Under 12

Ian Langbridge {Langy ]

Girl Contact

Clare Hooper

Under 13

Steve Lethbridge

Under 15

Dave Bickle

Under 11

James Stevens

Under 10

Mike lee

Under 7

Pete Fear

Under 16

Clare Hooper

Under 9

Dan Foreman

Under 8

Steve Gentle

Under 14

Clare Hooper