Devonport Services

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Devonport Services
Ground; The Rectory, 2nd Ave., Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 5QE.

Tel; 01752 562948

email:devonportservices at


Devonport Services
Navy, with some red, shirts & black shorts, Scarlet/black hooped stockings - (Change Scarlet Shirts)

Founded in 1904

President; Dave 'Tiny' Lister.
Club nickname. The Sporting Blues.


Captain Nigel Furguson RN

Honorary Secretary

Steve Lomax

Honorary Treasurer

Martin Preston


James 'Spider' Kelly

Rugby and office Administrator

Fixture Secretary

PO Dave Oakley

1st Team Manager

Keiran Leach

2nd Team Manager

To be announced

Colts Manager

Jamie Daley

Colts Team Manager

Surg Cdr Antony Lambert RN


WO2 Fraz Pearson

Girl's rugby (13's 15's & 18's)

Kieran Leach

Junior Chairman

Darren Fisher

Child Protection Officer

Jane Taylor

Junior Secretary

Jane Taylor

Youth Fixtures Secretary

Laura Crossfield

Under 16

Dean Oram

Under 15

James Kelly

Under 14

Al Truman

Under 13

Steve Mole

Under 12

Joe Avazian

Under 11

Ryan Thomas

Under 10

Steve Lane

Under 9

Tom Taylor

Under 8

Dan Amador

Under 7

Trevellyan Orton